January 2015


Appreciation: The Personal Development Instrument

If you are serious about improving yourself, what you want to be familiar with is that there are a small number of different ways. That it is imperative that everything has a start and you have to start somewhere. A lot of the time, people get weighed down by all the personal development tools that are out there. That leads to no improvement at all.

A big tool for you, if you're stern about improving your personal development, is to think of the idea of appreciation. Appreciation is something that can be extremely cooperative to you in your hunt to improve yourself, and here are some habits you can put gratitude to work for you.

Assume about what you are obliged for every morning, for nearly everyone, waking up is an odd job. They hope they could sleep more often, and they don't cherish the idea of waking up and going to work. That's why you should craft a real endeavor to get up in the morning giving thanks as an alternative of complaining. Afterward, you begin your day on a high note and you can initiate helping good things to go on.

Currently, it doesn't issue who you offer thanks to. If you are spiritual, you may wish to thank to Allah or alternatively, it is as good enough to just believe the gratitude in your heart. It doesn't have to be massive things you are thankful for, either. Even if you are thankful for jellybeans, that adds up!

Convey your thankfulness for those around you who build your life a good place. We all waste a lot of time complaining about the people who make us unhappy, why not take that time and gossip about people who make us glad!

Search for ways to show your thankfulness to people. You may not have many funds, but you can write them a kind note. You can do them a support, or take care of, or cook them a food even a small bowl of french-fries. Showing your thankfulness aids other people do to the same. Everybody has a harsh time in life, so it is a good thing when you can improve somebody else's suffering.

Lastly, prior to you go to bed at night, think of times during the day where you were not thankful, but could have been. This coaches you how to perform in the future.

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Fundamental Theories of Web Design

If you have decided to build a website to promote your product, services or affiliate program, you require having a small understanding of what web design is all about. A lot of people believe that you just throw up a website and it is ready to go. Obviously, there are several cookie reaper sites existing that you can download at no cost. Although if you want to really make bucks with your website, understanding web design methods that truly work can help boost your bottom line and make sales for you day after day. In this article, we will talk about web design guidelines and essential strategies.

The primary item that you want to do with your website is to create it as easy as possible. It's no longer feasible to add as many glitzy graphics as you want and get people to click on all of your links with the wish that they will actually pay money for something. What desires to be done on your website is presenting a design that centered the visitor on the one thing that you are trying to sell them. This ease will make it possible for you to attract in and focus your visitor in the direction of taking action in an exact way.

Web design also wants to express professionalism. So as a substitute of having large flashy looking signs/banners, and surroundings that harm your eyes, you need to create a website that has a detailed intention, which is not too stunning, but also easy on the eyes. By making your website come into view to be done by a professional, even if you are doing the work yourself, you will encourage the confidence of the visitor, and they will maybe take action which may direct to a sign-up or a transaction.
Lastly, web design desires to integrate rapid loading pages. Even though this is mainly in the area of HTML, it is essential to limit the quantity of graphics that you are using, and also the size of the graphics, so that your website is capable to load as quickly as possible. If your website can load quickly, it is less likely that the visitor will click away, and a higher chance that you will make a deal on the product or service that you are offering.

These guidelines should lead you in the right path if you are thinking about doing your own web design for your website. Yet if you are appointing anyone as well, you can inquire them to conform to the instructions presented in order to boost the possibility of making transactions with your websites. Fundamentally, web design comes down to understanding what desires to be done, applying it, trying it, and revising your website or blog based upon the results that you attain.

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Terms & Conditions to Become a Member & TRF

Terms & Conditions for Appointment as Home Teacher or Tutor 

1. To become a home teacher/tutor at Al Nad’s Academia every tutor/teacher has to fill a registration form (herein after referred to as TRF) will be filled in person by the tutor/home teacher himself.

2. The processing fee for TRF will be Rs.500/- the applicant will pay fee along-with TRF in the shape of cash or bank draft in favor of Al Nad’s Academia or it would be deducted from the first fee/salary of tuition/job that would be provided by the Al Nad’s Academia. The post graduate degree holders applying for registration as tutor or home teacher will be free from from the registration & processing fee; however they are not exempted from annual membership fee that would be Rs. 500.

3. The processing fee once deposited will not be reimbursed in any case.

4. The registration fee to become a home teacher is Rs. 500/annually.

5. The applicant will submit his/her TRF along-with attested copies of educational certificates and the given fee in the office of the Al Nad’s Academia.

6. Each job that will be given through Al Nad’s Academia will be charged 50% from the first salary/tuition fee as service charges.

Provided that .......

i.) For 1 month or lump sum tuition it will be charged 25% of the total fees.
ii.) For 2 months tuition it will be charged 35% from the 1st month tuition fees.
iii.) For 3 months and onward tuition it will be charged 50% from the 1st month tuition fees.
iv.) For School and other full time jobs it will be charged 30% from the First month salary.

7. This is the rule of Al Nad’s Academia that it will never inquire fees from our potential student/inquiry, until student or inquiry told us in advance about his/her expected budget, so all tutors/members are intimated here to not to ask fees in answer of an job or tuition inquiry from academy.

8. All tutors/members have kept this thing memorize clearly that the rule of thumb is to "meet & convince" and an essential guideline of our academy, try to follow it and never ask for fees from inquiry on phone or during telephonic discussions, just ask address and time for demonstration, if you are thinking for an inquiry as potential-less just drop it rather wasting time of academy and tuition/inquiry.

9. Tutors/teachers will have no privilege to collect his first salary from the tuition it would be collected by the authorized staff of the academy.

** Please read carefully the above rules # 6 to 9 as tutor will become banned or black listed if he/she will not appropriately follow the directions.

10. The registration will not grant any right of selection as a tutor under any conditions.

11. The tutor/teacher will keep one copy of each of the individual/cumulative result in safe custody for record and reference for a period of at least 1 year after its submission in the office.

12. In case of nonconformity of any of the above mentioned Terms & Rules by the tutor/teacher, Al Nad’s Academia has the right to banned or black listed the tutor/teacher either for a specific period of time or banned him/her permanently.

Are you agreeing with the above terms and conditions?

No I am not

Yes please guide me to the Tutor Registration Form


Web 2.0 Directories List 2015

Hello Buddies,

Today I am discussing one of the essential content “Most famous Web 2.0 Directories List of 2015” which will help you to increase the SEO of your web page. Web 2.0 link-building is an essential action of SEO which can allows in link-building as well as in promotion of your websites.

As we all know developing top high quality hyperlinks can be difficult for some, especially for newbie’s to SEO. Newbies always ask about this kind of link-building methods regularly.

Below is a list of high Page Rank Web 2.O Directories

1-  http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com/computers_and_internet/
2-  http://www.freerankdirectory.com/blogs_diaries/technology/
3-  Software Directory
4-  siteswebdirectory.com
5-  http://www.usalistingdirectory.com/index.php?list=latest
6-  Canada
8-  Submit your Site to the http://www.ellysdirectory.com/Computers___Internet/ on http://www.ellysdirectory.com/ and sponsored http://www.insurancees.com and http://www.myseotools.co.uk.
9-   Viesearch - Life powered search
10- Splut - Directory of UK Websites
11- 9dir.com »  Free Directory List
12- Popular Web Directory
13- Moms Web Directory
14- Happal Directory
15- Ranaf Directory
16- The Free Directory UK British orientated web site links
17- PakRanks Web Directory

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Home Tuitions as on January 15, 2015

Following are the home tuition opportunities for registered Home Tutors of Al Nad's Academia as of January 15, 2015.

1. Required Lady Teacher for 2 students of class 2 and 5 of Sadeqain School (O/A Levels) resident of Gulistan e Jauhar Block-10 near Mosamiat, Karachi.

2. Home Teacher for Inter Student resident of Gulistan e Jauhar Block-13 near King's Residency and Jauhar Chowrangi. Subjects are Maths, Physics & Chemistry.

Interested registered/un registered teachers may contact us via their registered numbers by sms text. It is also informed to all teachers that feedback is playing a vital role in the tutor academy setup.

- - Important Notice - -

We are regularly receiving complains against many teachers that they are not responding and giving proper feedback in time after receiving home tuition, so we are hereby intimated to all tutors again that not providing feedback is the violation of policy and the member would be black listed if not following the policies of the academy.

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Good News for Overseas Pakistanis


Overseas Pakistanis Can Get Cheap Online or Skype Tutor

Al-Nad's Academia proudly offer their new segment of Online Tuition and Skype Tuition exclusively for our Pakistani Brothers living in foreign countries and facing difficulties in their children's education. 
Good News for Pakistani Community living abroad especially those who live in USA, UAE (Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi/Al-Ain), UK, Ireland or any other  country. Now get Skype Tutor / Online Tutor for your kids in very cheap and low fees.

Fee structure are starting from $250 /Month.

Post your inquiries to wasi.umair@gmail.com


Call now for details +92-332-2929769