Teacher Registration Form

Teacher Registration Form


1- The applications for Tutor Registration Form (herein after referred to as TRF) will be filed in person by the tutor or a person who authorized by the tutor but once it will be submitted all rules & policies as specified in it will be followed by the tutor and he will responsible for the data submitted to the academy.

2- The processing fee for TRF will be Rs.0/-.

3- A sum of Rs. 500/- will be charged annually to be remained as member of this academy and to get tuition texts.

4- The registration (submission of online form) will not confer any right of appointment as a tutor under any circumstances.

Please read the blue rules carefully as tutor will become banned or black listed if he will not properly follow the instruction.

5- Each job that will be given through Al Nad's will be charged 50% as service charges. Tutor will have to inform to the office of Al Nad's immediately after receiving his first tuition fee and deposit this amount within 24 hours to the office.

6- In case tuition will be done for a short period then the share of academy will be charged as per following;

i) In case tuition is one month or less then one month then the share of academy will be 25%.
ii) In case tuition is done for two months then the share of academy will be 35%.
iii) In case tuition is done for 3 months or more than 3 months then 50%.
iv) In case the short period tuition will remain in continuation after specified duration then share 50% of full tuition fee of 3rd or 2nd month will be charged.

7- In case of non-compliance of any of the above mentioned Terms & Rules by the tutor, Al Nad's Academia has the right to banned or black listed the Tutor either for a specific period or permanently.

8- After getting client's inquiry number, teacher will have to update the academy within half hour about the conversation with the client.

by clicking yes you will be agree all the above mentioned rules & policies

Are you agree with the above mentioned rules.